is one of the best online dating sites for older men seeking younger women and vice versa. You can find thousands of older men or younger women who are looking friendship, fun, and love. One special feature of the site is “Find a Date Tonight.” Read more Review.

Wide Reach
This site says it has more than million members, so you have many potential matches to choose from. Premium profiles show up before free profiles in searches, so if you want people to see your profile out of this many, the premium membership will increase your visibility.

Targeted Membership
The site is targeted for older men in the prime of their lives who are looking for sexy younger women, and to young women who want to meet an older men.

You can sign up for a free membership. You are asked to provide your e-mail address, your birthday, the city where you live, your gender, height, body type, hair and eye color, and ethnicity. You can add photos and additional details once you are registered.

AgeMeet Cs
Cougar Cs are not real people, though they appear like they are on the system. The site says these fake profiles may contact you, and they will not be identified as such. It says they “help to complete the fantasy element of your site experience.” They may also be used for market research or quality control. You can block this in your profile settings.

Personal Data May be Sold
The privacy policy says that the company may share or sell your personally identifiable information to selected third parties who want to offer you goods or services. You can opt out of this in your profile settings if you want to block this.

This site has a wide reach, so your chances of finding a match are good, especially if you upgrade to the paid premium membership. You may want to update your profile settings if you want to keep your information private.


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